Somewhere in the midst of unemployment last Fall, I discovered my relatively profitless ability to make you laugh simply by writing about the day to day battles of my jobless lifestyle. What began as a series of Facebook statuses dubbed my “Funemployment Log” soon evolved into a space where I could rant about the various obstacles I faced on the road to gainful employment. Maybe it was the wit behind my words, maybe just an ‘alley-oop’ from Obama and his abysmal job market (not racist, it’s a basketball joke), either way people seemed to be laughing.

All debates of talent (or lack there-of) aside, I enjoyed writing about my occupational haphazard (see what I did there), and the site has since become home to a number of personal accounts occupying many different genres of writing. I try my best to not involve personal dilemmas, because let’s face it – nobody cares, and I’m completely okay with that. I don’t want to hear about your problems any more than you want to hear about mine, and if I wanted to be over-opinionated I would have gotten a tumblr.

I simply enjoy making you smile, America. So the next time you fall into the doldrums of a long day at the office, and you feel the slightest urge to drift from the familiarity of Facebook… I recommend Twitter, and THEN when you get sick of that, I’ll be untying the knots of my cranial confusion over here.



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